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about us

We first met in 1992.
We've been working together since 1993.
We established TECTON in 1998. 
​We are design-builder since 2005, both in Hungary and abroad.

In 2019, Tecton group's consolidated turnover reached 45.000.000 Euro.
Since 2020, Tecton's in-house team counts more than 40 person.
By 2021, Tecton group realized more than 220.000 m2 industrial building area as Design-builder.
By the end of 2022, up to 3.000.000 m2 total building area will been constructed based on Tecton's design.

We always set the highest expectation to ourselves regarding our engineering services, anywhere, anytime.


what we do

architect's services

 general designer
feasibility study | EIA | building permit
detail construction | as-built
local architect 
regulatory compliance review | local permitting
detail design localization

project management's services

land acqusition | pre-construction
bidding assistance | cost & schedule control
technical supervisory

design-builder's services

sketch-to-build services | turn-key engineering services
in-house certified architects | engineers
site managers | project coordination
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how we do
Professional architects in our Budapest headquarter’s office, or in one of our affiliates, will assist you with your design needs at any project location. Our in-house designers are in charge of all domestic projects, whereas international projects are assigned to our foreign affiliates. In order to comply with all region-specific requirements, such international projects are operated under the supervision of on-site local consultants.
The planning, design, production, adaptation, maintenance, restoration, conservation, management, evaluation and recycling of the built environment requires interaction between disciplines, much as the promotion of health and the curing of disease require a multi-professional approach. TECTON’s professionalism is based upon Construction Management, in the broadest sense of that term.
Our design-builder services provide safety, foresee-ability and comfort to our clients:
  • We are a single contracting partner through all project stages of design, permit obtaining and construction.
  • We provide our clients with the parameters of quality, cost and schedules of the project in the initial stage of the project, and we maintain those parameters throughout the implementation.
  • We ensure an accelerated procedure by simultaneous focus on design, permit obtaining, tendering and construction (fast-track delivery)
  • As an alternative to desing-build, we also offer our services as your design and project management consultant.
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