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For us, the focus is on architecture driven engineering achievements. Therefore, one thing shouldn't be forgotten: the architects themselves. That is why we pamper our team with professional workstations and ergonomical workspaces, a cosy and high standard office, construction site tours, trainings in fields of work and wellbeing, company events and more. Of course, fruit, water and most importantly, unlimited fresh ground coffee. What we expect in return? To be the moving spring of the future and Tecton, as a part of it.

we are looking for
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If you are interested to be the part of our team, please see our open positions below
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open positions
Job type: ArchiCAD based architect 
Location: Budapest
Job type: Revit based architect
Job type: ArchiCAD based architect 
Location: Debrecen
Job type: Site architect/civil engineer
Job type: Design trainee
'Tervezési szakmai gyakorlat'
Location: Debrecen
what we offer
Office place defines the work spirit. Open flow among the colleagues and the standard of our office spaces inspires and reflects the quality of our perfomance.
Design-build is real art of building. We do hands-on collaboration with subcontractors and our
in-house construction teams with frequent site visits.
Human is always behind the work and performance. Transparency, the chance for learning without hard knocks and celebration-culture are key motivation in our team.
Architecture as a profession means a life-long learning journey. Our team always pushes its boundaries to be amongst the local market-leaders of digitalization and BIM workflows both in field of design and construction.
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