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Tecton is in constant search of bright and dynamic professionals who can leverage their unique talent and diverse perspectives to reimagine the future with us. If you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional who believes in the power of design, ready to employ the latest technology in your work, and would like to work in a young, energetic international team, we invite you to search for opportunities with our growing firm.

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Leader of industrial

projects in Hungary and


The backbone of TECTON’s project portfolio comprises large industrial projects of various kinds (see it here). TECTON has designed more than 3.800.000 m2 of industrial buildings in the last 23 years, thus accumulating huge expertise and a high reputation in this field. While these projects may lack some geometrical flamboyancy, we do believe that industrial architecture can be just as refined and eloquent as any other building type. Furthermore, they offer unique engineering challenges and the possibility to employ the latest BIM technology, while also providing us with a steady flow of work and through this, financial stability. We strive to become the undisputed leader in this field in the coming years!

Growing expertise in public

building design

However, it is not all about industrial architecture in TECTON. We continuously grow our commercial portfolio (see it here), as well. These projects ensure that we are in sync with the latest developments in architectural design and create an opportunity for our designers to try themselves in different fields, and learn new skills. We aim to maintain this healthy balance in our project portfolio in the future, as well.

Advance BIM Application

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We employ advanced BIM technology in a platform-agnostic manner in our projects. All of our output is based on BIM models; we believe BIM technology offers us higher quality, reduced risk, and most importantly: increased control over our design. Archicad & Revit and various other software tools are used to provide services from conceptual design to construction management. We have extensive training programs and a continuously growing knowledge base to ensure all of our colleagues are properly trained and up to date with the latest developments.

Competitive Benefits

In Tecton, you can expect a range of competitive benefits that support your professional development and personal well-being. These benefits, combined with the supportive and collaborative work environment, make us an excellent choice for those looking to grow their careers and achieve their full potential.

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Subject to individual performances, we provide a personal bonus, as well, which is not dependent on the overall company results.

Excellence should be rewarded!

Personal bonus

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You can select your working hours and come early or stay late to avoid rush hours.

We are not a government office!

Flexible working hours

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We need you to be the best at your job, so we organize various training programs to improve your skills.

Our capital is in our brains!

Training programs

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No worries, you can swap it for a holiday time later (up to 5 days a year).

Had to do some extra hours on the project?

Over-hours compensation

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We make payments to a loyalty account, from where you can have significant payments after 5 and 10 years of work with TECTON.

We want you to be a long-term member!

Loyalty program

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We enroll you in private medical insurance to ensure you receive the best care in the event of any illness.

Your health is important for us!

Private medical insurance

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If you want to learn a new skill, consult with us and we may be able to provide support.

Never stop learning!

Education support

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Subject to the overall performance of the company, at the end of the year we give a fair bonus to our employees.

We share our success!

Company bonus

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